What paint to make use of so when: evaluating craft and acrylic paint

Editor’s Note: So how exactly does that saying go…you get that which you purchase? Megan, from Rappsody in Rooms, is here now to exhibit us today precisely how correct that is perfect for acrylic craft and artist paints. Love her fun comparisons…and pretty example projects!

Have you ever observed you will find multiple paint sections within the craft store? The first is labeled the craft paint section. There-you typically see small bottles of paint labeled craft paint, but upon closer inspection notice around the bottle it’s labeled acrylic paint.

A couple of aisles there is yet another paint section with tubes of paint, also labeled acrylic paint (usually within the art section).

You now could get nature-eyed appearance of the crazed crafter, suspended with indecision, thinking, “My goodness, which paint to make use of?! What’s the main difference?Inches

Let’s help banish crafting indecision today by breaking lower a few of these paint variations.

To determine these paints for action I’ve come up with test projects to let us positively see which paint works more effectively on several mediums. By doing this you’ll always know which paint to purchase for that project you do. Such a long time indecision – hello uninhibited craftiness!

Of these tests I attempted to make use of similar colors both in the acrylic and craft paints. I additionally used exactly the same simple paint brush for tests. This allows us to check the projects equally.

I had been surprised that acrylic paint once more had a simple win around the wood test. I figured it might be craft paint, however the much deeper color using the acrylic paint helped me fall madly in love. Yes, it had been still thicker and required more paint, however i didn’t have streaking problems about this medium and also the whale never looked better.

After these 3 tests this is a introduction to my overall findings:

Acrylic paint includes a greater pigment density which leads to much deeper, more vibrant colors. For this reason I usually loved the way the acrylic paint checked out the craft paint.

The acrylic paint was certainly of the greater quality compared to craft paint, proven in the thickness, better coverage, and also the greater pigment density.

The acrylic paint required more paint for that first coat according to its thickness but didn’t require a second coat such as the craft paint did.

The craft paint was simpler to make use of because it didn’t get streaks and it was much simpler to clean off surfaces and brushes.

The acrylic paint is much more costly compared to craft paint. I suggest saving the acrylic paint for special projects towards saving in costs.

Other people surprised the best acrylic paint was most champion, taking two thirds tests? I’m certainly likely to be grabbing the acrylic paint for additional important projects which i anticipate remaining within my house for any lengthy time. However for individuals fun, smaller sized projects, I certainly is going to be grabbing the simpler and cheaper craft paint.

To determine the way i made these colored canvases, wooden whales, and cardstock and also to see more craft tips and methods, mind on to Rappsody in Rooms.